Sprayright Table Top Expert

Portable Powder Coat Equipment

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Portable Powder Coat Equipment

A small handy table-top model. It accommodates a complete powder coating system, suitable for both Corona and Tribo Guns. Ideally suited for small powder trial and small production requirement.

Portable Powder Coat Equipment

Summary of Benefits:

  • A small handy Table-Top (21" X 11" X 18") accommodates a Complete Powder coating system suitable for both Corona and Tribo electrostatic powder spray guns.
  • Guaranteed 100 KV at Gun Tip for the entire life of the gun.
  • Molded, Light weight one piece-100 KV powder spray gun.
  • Entire range of nozzles to select from for the highest transfer efficiency.
  • Ideally suited for powder trial and small production requirement.
  • Can be upgraded to full scale production Sprayright model by adding basic accessories.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we use this model for full scale production?

By adding required accessories, you can upgrade system to a full scale production system.

What accessories do I need to buy to convert to a full scale production model?

You need to buy a trolley and a stand for the panel. You can also buy additional higher capacity powder hopper as per your requirement.

What is the difference between Multistatic Brief case model and Sprayright table Top Expert model?

Brief case model is the most comprehensive trial and testing machine available today. It has all the attachments and accessories that are required to test any type of powder. Also it has been used by the powder manufacturers during on line trial of their powder at customer’s premises. While Sprayright Expert is a basic model for the same purpose, it doesn’t have all the accessories.