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If you are absolutely new to powder coating have a bird’s eye view of powder coating process

Fundamental of powder charging

If you familiar with the powder coating process this presentation will help you to understand the fundamental of powder charging.

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Selection of Industrial Powder Coating Equipment

You are a manager or owner entrusted with the responsibility of selecting a new powder coating equipment for your plant. You need to buy a new equipment or you are looking for the replacement of your existing supplier due to poor service and/or you have better technology supplier…

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Challenges and Solution for Metallic powder spray in powder coating process

Spraying metallic powder is always challenging. This article will help you to understand the criticality of Metallic powder and practical tips to achieve the desired finish.

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Why you need pre treatment before powder coating?

This article will highlight the importance of pre-treatment before powder coating. Different pre treatment chemicals for Mild Steel, G.I and casting material.

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