MultiStatic 700 Supreme- Dual- Powder Coat System

For Back to Back powder coating booth

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Multistatic 700 Supreme- Dual

For back to back powder coating booth. From the family of MULTISTATIC CORONA HOPPER SERIES- DUAL-Powder coat system specially designed for online powder coating plant. Spray from the same powder hopper.

MultiStatic 700 Supreme - Dual

Summary of Benefits:

  • 100 KV at gun tip Guaranteed with the Patented Infiniti™ (US Patent No. 5678770) Technology.
  • Complete control in your hands with Smart Tracker diagnosis system. Locate any problem instantly and rectify the problem yourself. Two smart trackers for two panels
  • Two individual control panels housed within one rack.
  • Operate Two powder coating guns (corona or tribo) simultaneously from two separate control panels.
  • Powder feeding though the same hopper to assure uniformity in powder feeding.
  • Individual powder and KV setting for each system.

The powder coating gun has a patented replaceable Power Cartridge (Mitsuba US patent No. 5678770). In the unlikely event of a malfunction all you do is…

How does the Infiniti™ Technology work?

Frequently Asked Questions

How many guns can I operate in a Dual System?

You can operate two guns simultaneously from two individual panels.

What is the difference between Twin System and Dual System?

In Twin System two guns operate on one control panel. Where as, in the Dual System, two individual panels are housed within one rack. Dual system will have two panels for two individual guns. Both the models will have one common hopper for powder feeding and one trolley for panel mountings.

Does the Dual System have the Smart Tracker performance monitor?

Yes. Each panel will have it’s own Smart Tracker performance monitor.

Can I have individual powder and KV settings for two guns?

Yes, as both the guns are controlled by separate control panels.

What is the difference between guns of Twin System, Dual System and Multistatic Hopper series?

The guns provided along with all above mentioned models are the same. All the models are provided with the “Infiniti™” technology gun with guaranteed 100 KV at the gun tip.

What is “Infiniti™” technology? What about the other guns in the market which do not have it?

Powder spray gun has a circuit which generates 100 KV and releases the same at the gun tip. In event of high voltage failure all you need to do is pull the barrel out and change the power cartridge. The power cartridge has the patented (US Patent- 5678770) Infiniti™ technology which protects the gun barrel from any damage. Other guns available in market do not have the Infiniti™ feature. In the event of high voltage failure one needs to buy the new gun or send the damaged gun to the manufactures for expensive repair work.

What is the function of Smart Tracker performance monitor? What will happen if the control panel does not have performance monitor?

The new Smart Tracker performance monitor is a high end diagnostic system which constantly monitors and indicates the performance of every component in the equipment. Even unskilled labour can detect a trouble spot with ease. And thanks to the unique plug in-plug out design, the problem can be rectified immediately. In a nutshell, Smart Tracker ensures your system is always in a perfect working condition.

If the panel does not have the Smart Tracker performance monitor you will not be able to locate the problem immediately. You have to start from zero and it will be very time consuming.