Range of Automatic Powder Coating Systems

Achieve the Best Finish: Consistently With Mitsuba Automatic Powder Coating Systems and Gun Movers


SPRAYRIGHT PLUS Powder Coating Equipment

Now get the most advanced powder coating machine in an automatic version. It comes with a powder coating gun(Infniti-V2), and a host of other unique features to give you the best finish with reduced coating times and increased powder savings.

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Multistatic 700 Supreme

The M700 is available as an automatic system. Take your powder coating operation to the next level with Mitsuba’s automatic powder coating guns. Get a Perfect finish with consistent uniform film thickness.

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Tribo Series Automatic

Mitsuba’s Tribo series available as an automatic system. The Tribo guns can be mounted onto a reciprocator or can be fixed in one position. Coat the most complex shapes, now with the reliability and consistency of an automatic system.

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Electro - Mechanical Reciprocator

Move to a new level of powder coating efficiency and consistency with the Mitsuba’s Reciprocator finishing systems. For the best result integrate the reciprocators with powder spray guns and a conveyor with a Magic Eye System. Multi-Axis reciprocators are available to coat any object with the best possible finish.

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Electro Mechanical Oscillators

Mitsuba’s Electro mechanical Oscillators are a basic, start-up automation tool for industrial powder coating set ups. Achieve automation; reach a new level of productivity with Oscillators.

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Spray Police

New generation powder optimization equipment. Eliminate powder wastage and increase profitability. Automatically turns off extra spray guns depending upon product shape and size.

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