Electro Mechanical Oscillators

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Electro mechanical Oscillators

Mitsuba’s Electro mechanical Oscillators are a basic, start-up automation tool for industrial powder coating set ups. Achieve automation; reach a new level of productivity with Oscillators.

Electro mechanical Oscillators

Summary of Benefits:

  • Get Basic Automation with the Oscillator.
  • Uniform film thickness, reduce powder consumption.
  • Coat complicated areas easily
  • Speed up production.
  • Simple to install, simple to operate
  • Can be synchronised with the Spray Police part sensing system (see video) for lowest coating cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a Reciprocator and an Oscillator?

Both operate on a different principal. Reciprocator is controlled by Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) while Oscillator does not have any PLC.

How can I adjust stroke length in Oscillator?

By adjusting the vertical mounting bar you can get various stroke lengths.

How can I change speed of Oscillator?

Speed adjustment button is provided to get desired speed.

Can I have pre set programme facility in Oscillator?

No. You need to do the same manually every time. For pre set programme you need to have a reciprocator.