Powder Spray System & Recovery For Powder And Resin Manufacturers

Sampling System for Powder Coating Powder Manufacturer

  • Compact-Gun & Booth-for-Powder & Resin-Manufacturers

Compact Gun & Booth for Powder & Resin Manufacturers

Powder manufacturers frequently test the powders by spraying it on small panels. Mitsuba offers special package consisting of quick color change powder spray gun and a compact spray booth with cartridge type recovery.

Compact System for Powder & Resin Manufacturer

Summary of Benefits:

  • Quick Color change powder spray gun saves time in cleaing
  • Compact design booth save space
  • Cartridge type recovery along with final police filter, release 100% clean air in the atmosphere.
  • Saves time in cleaning the booth and recovery.
  • Energy efficient- consume only 1 HP power.
  • Used by the leading powder manufacturers like Akzo Nobel, Berger Paints, Du Pont, PPG and others.