Useful Attachments For Mitsuba Powder Coating Equipment

Super charge the performance of powder coating process with Attachments

Fluidising Cup

This very convenient, portable, self fluidising cup is extremely useful for powder testing, trials and immediate coating requirements. It is capable of quick colour changes as it is very easy to clean and operate.

Extension Muzzles

Coat deep recessed areas with ease and uniformity using the extension lances which are available in various lengths.

Corona Classic Attachment

Eliminates the ‘Faraday’s Cage Effect’ and guarantees a smooth and perfect finish, even on the most complicated work pieces. Use this brilliant attachment to substantially reduce the ‘orange peel effect’.

Efficiency Meter

Measure the quality of the gun, powder charge ability and grounding, instantly with the Efficiency Meter. Ensure your powder coating set up is working at the highest efficiency at all times. Mitsuba’s Efficiency Meter is compatible with all brands of guns.

Range of Hoppers

Mitsuba offers powder hopper in the range of 2 kG to 200 KG for automatic as well as manual powder coating operation.

Powder Spray Nozzles

Boost your production by selecting from a wide range of powder spray nozzles which have been designed specifically for varyingly contoured objects. Also find a nozzle specially made to coat metallic powders with the same high quality and ease as regular powders

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Faradays Cage Effect? How does it affect coating?

A phenomenon was first observed by the great scientist Michael Faraday (September 22, 1791 – August 25, 1867). The Faradays cage is the area of the object where the external electrical field does not penetrate. It is difficult to deposit the powder in very complicated objects. This results in an uneven finish.

To overcome the Faradays Cage areas, the following conditions must be fulfilled: powder has to be well charged, airflow must be sufficient to deliver the powder inside a recess but not excessive to preclude powder deposition, and the free ions must be minimized. Because most Faradays Cage areas involve some type of “pocket” areas, it is important that the method for directing the powder flow in these areas allows for displacement of the air to allow penetration. Mitsuba nozzles are specially designed to overcome the Faraday’s cage area. And also the special Corona Classic Attachment is available to minimise the free ions from the field which greatly reduces the Faradays Cage Effect.

What is Corona Classic Attachment?

Corona Classic Attachment eliminates the free ions form the field. It gives finer finish and gives an Orange Peel free finish.

Which are the sizes available for Extension muzzle?

Extension Muzzles are available 300mm, 600mm, 500mm, 900mm, and 1000mm.

I am using other brand of gun can I use your extension muzzle?

All nozzles including extension muzzle can only work with Mitsuba gun.

How does the efficiency Meter gauge the quality of the gun?

The efficiency meter accurately measures the KV discharged at the gun tip. The display on the control panel is only indicative and is not always 100% accurate.

How does the quality of grounding affect the quality of powder coating?

The 100 KV discharge at the gun tip creates a corona effect between the gun tip and the object (to be coated). The positive ions are drawn back towards the gun tip. The negative ions search the closest grounded object and are attracted to it immediately. The powder collects the charge on the way to the object and sticks to it. If the grounding is not up to the mark, all the ions will not be attracted to the object and a smaller quantity of powder gets deposited. Besides this if the grounding is not of good quality it can cause shocks to the operator as well as create sparks. The sparks are very likely to cause fire. It is absolutely necessary to have an efficient grounding. The efficiency meter helps you maintain excellent grounding consistently.

Which Hoppers is the Hopper Mounted Siever Compatible with?

The Hopper Mounted Siever is compatible only with Mitsuba Powder Hoppers. The size of the hopper can be either 15Kgs or 25Kgs.