Mitsuba’s “Infiniti™” Automatic Powder Coating Guns

Corona Electrostatic Guns in Automatic Version

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“Infiniti™” Automatic Powder Coating Guns

Mitsuba’s “Infiniti™” corona electrostatic guns is available as an automatic system. Take your powder coating operation to the next level with Mitsuba’s automatic powder coating guns. Get a Perfect finish with consistent uniform film thickness.

Automatic Powder Coating Guns

Summary of Benefits:

  • Get a Perfect finish with consistent uniform film thickness.
  • Guaranteed 100 KV at Gun Tip for the entire life of the gun. No droppage in high voltage, assures higher coating speed and higher powder coverage
  • 100 KV gun with Patented Infiniti™ technology (US Patent No. 5678770) protects your gun against any failure. NO BREAKDOWN! NO EXPENSIVE REPAIRS!
  • Control panel with Smart Tracker performance monitor housed in a DIN rack. The Smart Tracker diagnosing system gives complete control in your hands. It locates any problem instantly so you can rectify the problem yourself. Minimize downtime and external dependence.
  • Automatic Air Cleaning facility in the gun for higher efficiency and smooth coating.
  • Centralized powder feed Hopper with powder pumps.
  • Perfectly synchronized with conveyor, reciprocator, Spray Police, and powder spray booth.

Complete your automatic solution with Reciprocator, Oscillator, and Spray Police.

The Gun has a patented replaceable Power Cartridge (Mitsuba US patent No. 5678770). In the unlikely event of a malfunction all you do is…

How does the Infiniti™ Technology work?

Your Insurance against high voltage failure saving your Time & Money.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the function of Smart Tracker performance monitor? What will happen if the control panel does not have performance monitor?

The new Smart Tracker performance monitor is a high end diagnostic system which constantly monitors and indicates the performance of every component in the equipment. Even unskilled labour can detect a trouble spot with ease. And thanks to the unique plug in-plug out design, the problem can be rectified immediately. In a nutshell, Smart Tracker ensures your system is always in a perfect working condition.

If the panel does not have the Smart Tracker performance monitor you will not be able to locate the problem immediately. You have to start from zero and it will be very time consuming.

What is the difference between Automatic and Manual corona gun?

In principal, the operation and function of automatic as well as manual guns is the same. But there is construction variation. The automatic guns are mounted on a clamp, and it does not have a trigger on the gun like a manual gun. Also automatic guns are provided with rinse air path to keep the electrode of the gun clean for the highest efficiency. Automatic guns also have an additional protection sleeve.

What is “Infiniti™” technology? What about the other guns in market which do not have it?

Powder spray gun has a circuit which generates 100 KV and releases the same at the gun tip. In event of high voltage failure all you need to do is pull the barrel out and change the power cartridge. The power cartridge has the patented (US Patent- 5678770) Infiniti™ technology which protects the gun barrel from any damage. Other guns available in market do not have the Infiniti™ feature. In the event of high voltage failure one needs to buy a new gun or send the damaged gun to the manufactures for expensive repair work.

Is there any difference between the control panel of an automatic corona gun and a manual corona gun?

No. With Mitsuba’s universal design concept it is possible to use automatic as well as manual corona guns with the same panel. This adds tremendous benefit to customers for spares inventory.

Can I use Mitsuba automatic powder spray system on other manufactures reciprocator?

Yes you can. Kindly inform us about the mounting arrangement of the reciprocator you are using.