Electrostatic Powder Coating With

Mitsuba-Automatic Tribo Powder Spray Gun

Automatic Tribo Powder Spray Gun

Mitsuba offers goodness of tribo electrostatic powder charging guns for continuous powder coating operation.

Automatic tribo guns can be mounted onto a reciprocator or can be fixed in one position.

Automatic Tribo Powder Spray Gun

Summary of Benefits:

  • A rotary and guided powder path always ensures high friction charging.
  • Faradays Cage Effect is eliminated. Even complex shapes are perfectly coated.
    • Excellent weld seam coverage. Suitable for wireproducts too.
  • Suitable for a wide range of powders including epoxy, Acrylic, Nylon, Teflon and polyester.
  • Charges only individual powder particles without charging dust. And assures excellent finish.
  • Can be easily disassembled for colour change.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this panel designed to operate corona as well as tribo system?

No. It is a dedicated panel for tribo system.

How does powder get charged in tribo gun?

Tribo charging charges the powder by friction. Powder moving through the gun rubs against the media in the gun and it will get charged.

Which is better: corona or tribo?

Corona guns are most versatile guns as they can charge any powder. Tribo guns can only charge powder specifically manufactured for tribo only. Besides that tribo guns are very sensitive and charging also depends on other factors like atmospheric moisture, powder particle size. As the quantity of powder that can be charged from tribo guns is less, more tribo guns are required to coat.

Why do you need a dedicated tribo system when you can operate Tribo as well as Corona guns on the Multistatic panel?

When customer is sure of using only tribo gun for his present and future requirements he can buy this system.

Which are the most suitable powders for tribo charging?

The Tribo Powders are Epoxy, Polyester (When made as per Tribo Formulation), Hybrid Epoxy Polyester (When made as per Tribo Formulation), Nylon, Polyurethane, PVC and Pure Polyester.