Special powder coating system for
powder and resin manufacturers

Powder coating system for field trials and laboratory applications.

Companies manufacturing powder and resin for powder coatings have their own requirement for powder spray gun as well for the recovery system. We offer two options to powder and resin manufacturers. Customers includes leading powder manufacturers like Kansai Nerolac, Asian PPG, Jotun, Akzo Nobel to name few.


All In One Powder Coating System For Field Trials And Laboratory Applications, In a Briefcase

Mitusba’s portable powder coating system is designed for powder coating’s powder manufacturers , resin manufacturers for field trials as well as laboratory applications.

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Quick Colur Change Powder Spray Gun

The most popular powder coating system for powder manufacturers around the world Coat hundreds of powder samples everyday with this gun specially manufactured for Powder and Powder Resin Manufacturers.

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Powder Spray System and Cartridge Recovery Booth For Powder and Resin Manufacturer

Super combination of fast color change gun and powder spray booth with cartridge type recovery for laboratory use.

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