Sprayright Plus- Powder Coating Gun With Patented
“Sieve-While-You-Spray” REAL TIME SIEVER (RTS)

It Delivers Optically Brilliant Finish and Reduces Powder Coating Cost

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Sprayright Plus Powder Coating Gun

Mitsuba introduces yet another innovative electrostatic powder coating gun with Patented REAL TIME SIEVER. First of its kind powder coating system with Sieve-While-You-Spray REAL TIME SIEVER technology. Unlike conventional powder coating gun, Sprayright Plus comes with in-built patented REAL TIME SIEVER (RTS) which allows Sieving the powder while spraying.

Sprayright Plus


  • Optically brilliant finish achieved due to powder being sieved just before the spray.
  • A massive reduction in coating cost due to reduce powder consumption.
  • Reduce process time, as REAL TIME SIEVER eliminate external sieving circuit traditionally used.
  • Clean process area. As sieving happens in a closed circuit, no powder spillage like conventional sieving systems.

Along with REAL TIME SIEVER, Sprayright Plus Powder Coating Gun offer host of other benefits like-

  • Lightweight powder spray gun with Patented Infiniti™-Ver-2 technology (US Patent No. 5678770) which protects your powder coating gun against any failure. NO BREAKDOWN! NO EXPENSIVE REPAIRS!
  • Powder spray control on the gun body itself.
  • Digital control with display of µA, KV, powder & carrier air on Touch Screen Control Panel Mounted on Trolley.
  • The entire range of nozzles to select from for highest transfer efficiency. And uniform powder thickness
  • Quick color change. Auto clean powder pump, hose, and gun with the touch of a button.
  • Also Available in Automatic Version.

The powder coating gun has a patented replaceable Power Cartridge (Mitsuba US patent No. 5678770). In the unlikely event of a malfunction all you do is…

Infiniti-Patented-powder-coating-gun Unscrew Gun Rear Cover
Pull out Cartridge & Replace
Tighten the Rear Cover

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Real Time Siever and what are advantages of it?

Sieving separates dust from the powder. Powder which could have compacted during recovery or transport is once again distributed into distinct fine particles. Sieving is ideally undertaken just prior to use. Sieving the powder ensures proper flow characteristics and high quality surface finish.

Conventional powder siever is the separate equipment and arrangement needs to be done to transfer the powder from recovery of powder booth to sieving machine. It makes complete system cumbersome, demands more maintenance and labor intensive.

Mitsuba Patented Real Time Siever is an innovative product, which sieves powder just before powder spraying; in Real Time. It is contained in the powder hopper and sieves powder efficiently and silently.

Powder sieved with Real Time Siever, produce distinctively better finish as compared to finish produced by powder sieved with the conventional siever.

Can you give more details about powder spray gun?

Powder spray gun offered with Pro Touch System is the latest version-Infiniti V2(US Patent No. 5678770) version. To make work easy and productive, powder flow control is provided at the back of the gun itself. Powder control at back of gun saves powder too, as operator can adjust powder as per requirement.

What are the benefits of Control Panel of SPRAYRIGHT PLUS ?

Pro-Touch has all Digital control with display of µA, KV, powder & carrier air on Touch Screen Control Panel Mounted on Trolley. With Option of selecting required mode Like-

  • High Efficiency Mode
  • Recoat Mode
  • Deep Recess Mode
  • Soft Mode