Multistatic Series 700 Supreme - Dipstick™

Powder Coating Machine : For Color Change in 15 seconds

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Quick Colour Change System

Specially designed powder coating machine for multi-color operations. The M700 Dipstick™ delivers color changes in 15 seconds. It comes with an ‘Infiniti™’ powder spray gun, a control panel with a performance monitor, a Dipstick™ and many other features the make it the best choice for multi-color coating applications.

Multistatic 700 Supreme - Dipstick™

Summary of Benefits:

  • No need to clean powder hopper. Start new powder spray by cleaning Dipstick™ with Air and a cleaning bullet.
  • Self Vibrating Air- Powered-Submersible Pump for uniform powder feeding
  • Reduce air consumption
  • No Powder Spillage. No Powder Wastage.
  • Patented Infiniti™ technology (US Patent No. 5678770) protects your gun against any failure. NO BREAKDOWN! NO EXPENSIVE REPAIRS!
  • Complete control in your hands with Smart Tracker diagnosis system. Locate any problem instantly and rectify the problem yourself. Minimise downtime and external dependency

The powder coating gun has a patented replaceable Power Cartridge (Mitsuba US patent No. 5678770). In the unlikely event of a malfunction all you do is…

How does the Infiniti™ Technology work?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ultra quickcolour change process with the Dipstick™?

Colour change is now as simple as 1-2-3

  1. Remove the Dipstick™
  2. Clean the Gun & Hose with the Smart Bullet
  3. Insert the Dipstick™ into a box containing new color powder.

Simply Amazing! You are now ready to spray new color.

Why powder box is placed on the floor instead of a vibratory tray?

As compared to conventional systems, the Dipstick™ has a sealed vibrating powder pump. This vibratory powder pump itself is inserted into the powder box. The vibratory pump fluidizes the powder on its own.

Due to local vibration of pump alone, the ENTIRE powder box need not be vibrated thus eliminating the compacting of powder within the powder box as well as reduced compressed air consumption.

How does the Dipstick reduce the air consumption?

As the Dipstick has a Vibratory Submersible Pump it is not required to vibrate the entire powder box. The air required to vibrate the cradle is much higher as compared to the air required to vibrate the Dipstick’s Pump. This results in lower air consumption in your plant.

Will the Dipstick unit have a Smart Tracker™ and can I use the Infiniti™ gun along with it?

Yes, the Dipstick Model has the Advantage of the Smart Tracker Performance Monitor.

Yes, The Infiniti™ gun will be supplied along with the Dipstick.

You have shown two guns in the photo, do you supply both?

No. The standard supply is with Corona Gun only. If required we can supply an additional tribo gun at extra cost. You can use both the guns on the same panel (alternatively not simultaneously)