Innovations in Powder Coating Equipments… from 1979

TEAM MITSUBA is in the business of designing & manufacturing of Powder Coating equipment since 1979 and into active exports of the same since 1996.

The main focus of the company is the design and manufacture of high quality Powder Spray Application Equipment. Innovation is the major driving force for us. All our innovation is done to improve the quality of finish and to reduce the powder coating cost for our customers.

Chronicle of the major innovations by the people behind MITSUBA

  • Indigenously developed the first corona powder coating gun having an Integrated high voltage generator.
  • World’s first true dual control panel for powder spray gun that can operate both the Corona gun as well as the Tribo gun.
  • Conical hopper for powder coating equipment.
  • Indigenously developed and introduced the Automatic Corona and Automatic Tribo Powder Coating Equipment.
  • World’s first “Motherboard” technology for controllers of powder spray gun.
  • Developed and introduced the concept of standardized controllers conforming to DIN specifications for powder coating equipment.
  • World’s first re-settable cascade technology for the Corona powder spray gun.
  • Awarded the US Patent No. 5678770 for the trendsetting re-settable cascade technology Corona powder Spray gun.
  • World’s first Smart Tracker System in control panels that is a unique and easily identifiable peak performance indicator for powder coating gun.
  • The trendsetting re-settable cascade technology further developed into the present Infiniti™ Corona gun. This Infiniti™ corona gun has a unique inexpensive, quickly and easily replaceable Power Cartridge in the powder spray gun.
  • Powder Coating Equipment with a box feed unit.
  • Electro-mechanical reciprocators and oscillators for automatic powder coating system.
  • Dipstick™ - vibro pump system for box feed units for powder coating gun.
  • Efficiency Meter to measure the Corona gun Tip KV, Corona cloud charge, Tribo cloud charge and ground check for powder spray gun.
  • Introduced a very compact portable manual powder spray gun system.
  • World’s first integrated High Flow Powder Spray Corona gun for Fusion Bonded Epoxy Pipe Coating.
  • World’s first true Twin Corona System – that can operate Two Corona Spray guns or Two Tribo Spray guns from the same control panel of powder spray gun
  • Electrostatic cloud Chamber for rotor coatings and other small parts for powder coating.
  • Introduced an extremely user friendly Spray Police - Part sensing system for powder spray booth with recovery system.
  • World’s first patented wireless remote system for powder coating equipment.
  • A state of the art ICOAT™ powder spray gun – a high end digital system using a unique patented powder output system.
  • ROTATING WING for Filter Cartridge powder spray booth with cartridge filter recovery systems.
  • Introduced for the first time in the world- the Patented RealTimeSiever is a whole new technology that integrates a unique self-cleaning online vibrating sieve system along with the powder pump.