HIGH FLOW Pipe Coating Equipment to Spray Fusion Bonded Epoxy Powder (FBE) for Pipe Coating

Suitable for Single, Dual and three layer FBE coating

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World’s first Integrated 100 KV epoxy powder spray gun specially designed for new generation of Fusion Bonded Epoxy Powder (FBE) coating for pipe line industry.

High Flow Epoxy Gun

Summary of Benefits:

  • Higher film thickness (up to 1000Micron) with less numbers of guns
  • Higher working life with lowest maintenance cost
  • Lower Initial cost
  • Can be used as a LOW FLOW VERSION with the standard conversion kit for regular 3 layer coating.
  • Easy to use and set up, this model is suited for small panel coating as well as small production runs.

Mitsuba also offers powder spay booth with recovery system for pipe coating application.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between conventional High Voltage Gun and Mitsuba High Flow Gun?

The externally generated high voltage gun generates high voltage in a control panel. The generated high voltage will be transferred to gun tip via 5 or 10 meter long high voltage cable. The cable will release the high voltage at the gun tip. While integrated powder gun generates 100 KV in gun itself and releases it at the gun tip.

Why do you need Integrated High Flow gun when you have conventional high flow gun?

This technology has inherent limitations, drop in efficiency and frequent failures in components. Huge loss occurs while H.V gets transferred from the panel to the gun. Gun tip voltage is often less then 70 K,V.-- resulting in excess overspray.

How does the Integrated High flow gun overcome this and what are its benefits?

Integrated powder gun generates 100 KV in gun itself and releases the same at the gun tip. Both, high voltage generation and use, is at the same place. There is no high voltage cable. This eliminates the loss associated with transmission of High Voltage from the panel. Complete 100 KV is available at the gun tip. This enhances transfer efficiency and reduces the powder consumption. Also since number of parts is reduced, chances of trouble are reduced.

Integrated 100 KV generated gun is not suitable for single layer (500 micron and more). And only suitable for three layer coating in which only 200 to 300 micron thickness is required.

Integrated high voltage gun has proven superior and more suitable for all types of pipe coating -- single layer, Dual Layer or three layer.

What if I want to use combination of High Flow and low flow gun? Do I need to buy separate high flow and low flow guns?

No. Conversion kit is provided, which can change the high flow gun to low flow gun and vice-versa. You can select your own combination of high flow and low flow guns.

Is there any advantage in your control panel?

The Performance Monitoring System: This is a high-end diagnostic system, which constantly monitors and indicates the performance of every component in the equipment. Even unskilled labor can detect and troubleshoot with ease, swiftness and precision. And thanks to the unique plug-in plug out design, the problem can be rectified immediately. In a nutshell, smart tracker ensures your system is always in a perfect working condition

What is your experience in Pipe Coating?

More than hundred Mitsuba’s guns are working satisfactory in pipe coating industry across the world.