Powder Coating Spray Gun for Powder & Resin Manufacturer

  • Fast-colour-change-gun-for-Powder & Resin-Manufacturers

Fast colour change gun for Powder & Resin Manufacturers

Designed for powder and resin manufacturers. Used around the world to coat hundreds of powder samples in multiple colors every day.

Powder Coating Spray Gun

Summary of Benefits:

  • Extremely fast colour change design.
  • Spray very small quantity of powder, needed for test panel coating.
  • 100 KV at gun tip guaranteed for the entire life of the gun giving you the most uniform film thickness.
  • Used in laboratory for testing powder and resin
  • Suitable for all kinds of powder
  • Can operate both Corona as well as Tribo charging guns (Tribo gun is optional. To be purchased by extra cost.
  • Use with Mitsuba special powder spray booth designed for powder manufacturer

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you need a special gun for powder manufacturers?

Powder manufactures test the powder before starting production. They check small quantities of powder by spraying on small panels. Also powder manufacturers check lots of powders with different colours. They need a spray system which is capable of fast colour change and also spray small quantity of powder. This is not possible with regular powder coating systems available in the market which have a very big powder hopper. It also needs to be filled with more quantity of powder. Colour change time is also very time-consuming. This translates in to higher powder wastage and more unproductive time.

How is Mitsuba’s special system is different from regular system?

Mitsuba has developed a special powder spray system for the powder and resin manufacturers. It is designed in such a way that it can spray extremely small quantity of powder uniformly. It also facilitates fast colour change.

Can I use this system for regular production?

No. It is only designed for testing of small quantity of powder and not for production or field trial run. For that select from others models available.