Reciprocator for Powder Coating And Liquid Painting

Smooth, Swift and Precise Movement

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Multi Axis Reciprocator

Move to a new level of powder coating efficiency with the Mitsuba’s Reciprocator finishing system. For the best result integrate reciprocators with powder spray guns and conveyor with Magic Eye System. Used at industrial powder coating set up to powder coat control panel, aluminum profile, furniture, security fence to name few.

Multi Axis Reciprocator

Summary of Benefits:

  • Increased Uniformity – Advanced digital control.
  • Smooth, Swift and Precise movement for speedy and uniform coating.
  • Reduce powder consumption.
  • Quick Job Change – Pre-programmable preset settings for automatic selection of stroke and speed.
  • User-friendly touch screen control to control speed and stroke length.
  • Also available with Servo control for pre set precision movement.
  • Suitable for liquid paint application.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of touch screen control panel?

Touch screen control panels are the most user-friendly. The operator can control all critical important parameters through easy touch screen panel.

Which are the parameters I can control?

You can control speed and stroke length of the reciprocator.

What are pre set programmes?

Pre set programmes are combination of stroke length and speed of reciprocator which can be stored and reused time and again with ease.

For example if you have 20 products to be coated, each product needs individual stroke length and speed of the reciprocator. You can store this setting as programme number 1. When you coat the same object in future you need to select programme 1. Speed and stroke setting will automatically adjust as per your feed.You can store up to 99 programmes.

What are the advantages of pre set programmes?

You can repeat the setting. No need to reset the programmes every time. It saves time.

I am a powder coating plant manufacturer, do you sell reciprocators and guns to us?

Yes, we work with majority of all Powder Coating plant manufactures around the world.

What is Multi speed operation and where is it used?

Multi speed operation is specially offered to coat complicated areas. During one stroke length if the product requires extra high or extra low speed on a particular area, it can be achieved with multi speed operation.