Sprayright Series 700 Premium-Powder Coating System

Lightweight powder coating system for heavy duty powder coating

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Sprayright Series 700 Premium

A simple, lightweight powder coating gun for heavy duty powder coating. A machine made to deliver results in demanding coating situations; consistently, every day. Achieve higher coating speeds and higher powder coverage with Sprayright 700 powder coating machines.

Achieve higher coating speed, higher powder coverage with Sprayright 700 powder coating system.

Sprayright Series 700 Premium

Summary of Benefits:

  • Guaranteed 100 Kilowatts (100KV) high voltage, at Gun Tip for the entire life of the gun. No droppage in high voltage, assures higher coating speed and higher powder coverage
  • Entire range of nozzles to select from for highest transfer efficiency. And uniform powder thickness
  • Step Up powder coating Speed by 20%
  • Light weight one piece, moulded 100 KV gun
  • IP 54 rated Dustproof control panel
  • Unique 3 - piece, Stainless Steel Hopper assists quick colour changes
  • Host of attachments and accessories to choose from to boost productivity

The Sprayright Series 700 Premium comes with a 10kgs, three piece stainless steel hopper. However, different sizes of hoppers are available to suit specific needs.

Image of hoppers –

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use this system for full scale production?

Yes you can. Hundreds of satisfied customers are using the same across the world.

Will there be any difference in quality of coating with different type of system?

Not at all. Final quality and coating cost will be the same with any model you select. The difference is in the features you get.

What is the difference between Multistatic 700 Supreme and Sprayright 700 Premium system?

Multistatic 700 Supreme will have the following-

  • 100 KV Gun with Infiniti™ technology.
  • IP 54 rated Control panel with Smart Tracker performance monitor.
  • Stainless steel, three piece Powder hopper of 25 KG.

Sprayright 700 Premium will have the following-

  • 100 KV one piece, light weight moulded gun.
  • IP 54 rated control panel.
  • Stainless steel, three piece Powder hopper of 10 KG