Powder Management System

Automate powder recovery from booth and online sieving- Save Time- Save Money

  • Powder Management System-Automate Powder Recovery From Booth And Online Sieving

Powder Management System

The over sprayed powder does not have to be wasted and can be used by sieving and mixing it with new powder in a prescribed proportion. The Powder Manager automates the powder transfer from the powder bin in the recovery, then sieves the powder and mixes old and new powder in the desired proportion.

Powder Management System

Summary of Benefits:

  • Reduce powder wastage
  • Lower production costs
  • Less labor requirements
  • Clean Powder coating area.

Advance system- Mitsuba’s Powder Kitchen is also available for automatic plant, which takes powder coa ting operation to the next level of efficiency, speed and cleanliness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you need to sieve the powder?

Sieving separates dust from powder. Power which could have compacted during recovery or transport is once again distributed into distinct fine particles.

When should I sieve the powder?

Sieving is ideally undertaken just prior to use after powder is recovered from powder recovery. Sieving the powder ensures proper flow characteristics and high quality surface finish.

Can I fit your powder management system with the booth I am using?

Yes you can, provided your booth have provision to fit Powder Management system. Contact us to know exact details.

How does powder get sieved?

Powder is sieved due to vibration provided to the screen.