Powder Coating Booths with Rotary Cyclone Recovery - CAT Series

  • Powder coating spray booth with Rotary cyclone

Powder Coating Spray Booth with Rotary Cyclone Recovery - CAT Series

Powder coating booths with new Rotary cyclone recovery, uses rotary vanes in each cyclonesthereby boosting centrifugal force & providing the extra spin essential for 98% powder recovery. Fast color change is achieved because rotary vanes completely eliminate duct work & provide a self cleaning property to the cyclones.

CAT- Rotary Cyclone Recovery Booth

Summary of Benefits:

  • 98% collection efficiency.
  • Very compact size.
  • Fast colour change.
  • Ductless design.
  • Substantially reduce Powder inventory in coating cycle, when integrated with automatic recycling.
  • After filter can be purchased as an optional item.

Comparison among various types of recoveries

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Single cyclone and Rotary Cyclone?

In the Rotary Cyclone the amount of air handled by a single cyclone is divided among number of small cyclones place in the series. By doing so we can reduce height required for the cyclone. Air enters tangentially in the single cyclone while Mitsuba Rotary cyclone has axial entry with Rotary Vanes at the entry of each cyclone which provides extra spin to create the high centrifugal force, which in turn increases the collection efficiency of rotary cyclone.

How is it Ductless?

Air enters in cyclone axially and not tangentially as conventional cyclone. Axial entry does not require a duct for air. This makes rotary cyclone a Ductless Cyclone.

What is the advantage of Ductless Cyclone?

In a recovery system the duct is the most difficult part to clean. By eliminating the duct; colour change time can be reduced drastically.

What is the After Filter and why do I need it?

Either you can allow the finer residual powder escaping form cyclone out to the open atmosphere or you can recollect the same. The After Filter collects finer powder escaping out of the cyclone. Decision to install the same depends on your company’s environmental policy and local environmental laws. Please refer the section on the After Filter for complete details.

What data do you need to offer the solution?

We need sizes of the products to be coated, conveyor speed, entry-exit cut out of the booth and the number of colours you will operate.

For more questions see the complete FAQ section.