ProTouch Automatic Powder Coating System-
One Touch Control

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ProTouch Automatic System

Now get the world’s most advanced powder coating equipment in an automatic version. It comes with a powder coating gun(Infiniti™-Ver-2), and a host of other unique features to give you the best finish with reduced coating times and increased powder savings.

Pro Touch-Automatic System

Summary of Benefits:

  • Mitsuba's Automatic ProTouch can be pre-programmed to exactly reproduce the set powder flow patterns for similar type of jobs.
  • Specific values can be pre-fed for each gun to achieve highly dependable results.
  • Up to 100 programmes can be preset.
  • Unmatched level of ease with touch control for voltage, current, powder and air.
  • Link up with iphone, ipad, or Android phone and tablet.
  • Just 1 Touch can adjust all guns or only desired guns.